Dissertations and Theses

Robyn Ceurvorst, Ph.D.
Methodological and managerial applications of the structural norm approach to social and facility capacity indicators in Hawai'i‟s coastal recreation areas. PDF

Kerry Grimm, Ph.D.
Conservation volunteer tourism at a reserve in Ecuador: Effects of perceptions, discourse, and motivations on human-environment relations. PDF

Jaclyn Rushing, M.S.
Constraints to urban park visitation: Conceptual connections and spatial attributes for traditionally well-served and underserved residents. PDF

Jennifer Johnston, M.S.
Wild waters: Perspectives on Oregon’s marine reserves as marine wilderness areas. PDF

Elizabeth (Bess) Perry, M.S.
Perceptions of protection: Coastal resident cognitions concerning new marine reserves in Oregon. PDF

Wesley Mouw, M.S.
Encounters, norms, crowding, management, and behavioral responses of visitors at coastal state parks in Oregon. PDF

Lisa Prendergast Swanger, M.S.
Developing a strategic conservation project for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. PDF

Emily Pomeranz, M.S.
Direct stakeholder perceptions of collaboration, indicators, and compliance associated with the wilderness best management practices in Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness, Alaska. PDF

Chris Little, M.S.
Voluntary environmental programs at an alpine ski area: Influence of recreationists' knowledge, motivations, attachment, value orientations, and specialization. PDF

Caitlin Bell, M.S.
Encounter norms of snorkelers and scuba divers at Molokini, Hawai‘i: Methodological and managerial applications. PDF

Sera Janson Zegre, M.S.
Applying the McDonaldization thesis and norm activation model to examine trends and effects of commercial outdoor recreation and tourism in Juneau, Alaska. PDF